School matters

Last week was a big week on the school front for you. We spent the early part of it in White River where we got to see our new home again, meet some of the other teachers and their kids and spend some more time exploring our new town to be. Most importantly though, and the key reason for our trip, was that you attended orientation where your got to explore your new school and meet your new teacher and some of the kids.

For you though the highlight of the trip was your school uniform. Your first one ever. To get you into the spirit of things I took you to the Monkey Apple shop to buy it on the Tuesday morning ahead of orientation the next day. Well it was love at first wear. I shouldn’t have bothered to pack you any other clothes as you didn’t take it off for the next two days. This did cause some confusion at orientation.

You in your first school uniform

After spending the Wednesday morning at Uplands Prep it was a mad dash to Johannesburg for your graduation from Grade 00 that evening.

What a wonderful evening it was. Bittersweet as you have had an incredible two years at Bryanston Pre-Primary.

You, Kieran and Axel in your graduation hats

So it was with a few tears that we watched you all take the stage and perform for the final time.

You got your certificate and a special award for, and I quote “For his bubbly personality and all the charm he brings into the classroom. Also for his great general knowledge.”

So my monkey a big day for you and although there were a few tears shed and some moments of frustration I was so very proud of you for getting through it with your sense of humour in tact.

The weeks ahead are going to be challenging but as long as we can keep our wits about us and sneak in a family hug or two we will be okay.