Bye bye Bryanston Pre-Primary School

Wednesday, 4 December was your last day at Bryanston Pre-Primary School. Wow. I remember doing the school tour to find the right one for you and walking into Bryanston Pre-Primary for the first time after seeing countless others I just knew it was the one for you.

The warmth, community spirit, caring and sense of well being I felt on that first day have been present throughout our time there.

You entered the school a tiny tot in January 2012 and are leaving a little big boy. In your time there you have grown in so many ways but the one I want to single out is the friendships you developed.

You and teacher Angie celebrating your birthday at school
You and teacher Angie

For the first time you got to choose your mates based on how you connected and formed close bonds. Your closest friends over the two years have been Rosco and Zak. With them you have got up to untold amounts of mischief, spent time in Lucille’s office, exchanged countless hours of toilet talk but most importantly laughed and created special memories.

Other special friends were Tristan, Axel, Tyler, Mifi, Ababalwe and Kieran. From each of these little people you have learnt different things and we see how they have helped to shape you and build your funky little character.

Of course the person who has had the biggest influence this year was Teacher Angie. A wonderfully gentle soul who has worked tirelessly in helping to develop your fine motor skills and your sensory quirks.

Saying goodbye was tough. You went to give Lucille, or as you like to call her ‘Wacille’, a hug goodbye and as you snuggled in to her shoulder you said “Goodbye Wacille I am never, ever going to see you again.” Well that was the end of myself and Lucille.

All these goodbyes are difficult for all of us, but especially for you as your little world gets turned on its head. I know it’s tough my monkey but you will come through it all a little stronger and a little wiser, it is all unfortunately part of the process of growing up.

Something you are doing far too quickly.