A snappy outing

On 12 March you went on your first school outing ever. What a watershed event and one of those milestones which will never be repeated, so sad.

So, the build-up to the Orange (your class) and Yellow Class field trip to Crocodile City just outside of Fourways started the week before with much confusion between the Moms of just when you were off as you all were so excited that you confused the days.

The excitement levels remained high and just like your Dad the night before golf you had a restless night on Monday. But the day dawned and although overcast there was luckily no rain around.

Mom was lucky enough to get to experience some of the trip as I took you along with Axel and Tyler Piehl to Crocodile City. The car ride there was entertainment enough for me for the day and I did, I have to admit, have a guilty thought that I was indeed getting off lightly by not staying for the full morning.

On arrival you all scattered like cooped up chickens and getting you along with the other class into the video viewing room was a bit like herding cats! The guide knew his audience though and had you all entranced with a Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter episode.

At this point I had to leave you but on all accounts the day went really well.

The ‘puffadder’ you held

You got to go on a tour of the facility and see all the crocs and other creatures and you were one of the brave ones who held the baby crocodile and snake!

Sharon, Axel and Tyler’s Mom, gave you a lift back to school and you all behaved like tiny little crazed people throwing juice, talking nonsense and generally just being monkeys. We put this all down to you being over-excited and stimulated by the whole experience!

We forget sometimes just what a little guy you still are because you were absolutely beside yourself when you got back.

Brave boy holding a baby croc!

When I asked you what you enjoyed the most about the day your answer was: “Mom it was AMAZING the crocodile had his mouth open so that he could cool down. Also the ‘nelectric’ fence was struck by lightning when he was biting it and his tooth came out.”

I love your imagination and can’t wait to experience all the other trips you will go on through your eyes!