Happy 4th Birthday Oliver

Hip hip hooray today’s your birthday! A very, very happy 4th birthday to you today my darling boy. As Daddy says, today marks the greatest day of our lives, the day you changed the world for us forever, the day you were born.

How very blessed we are to have you. You have given us so much joy and through you we have learnt to see the world in a different way. To take things a little slower, or faster, to stop and smell the roses, to always question, to allow our imaginations to run wild through your creative play, to enjoy building Lego again, to find joy in the little things but most of all how to love unconditionally. Thank you for all that you give us every day. You are our superstar!

Bye bye dummy
Today marks a watershed moment in your little life. Forget all the wonderful gifts you received, your amazing fire station party (more on that in another post) and all the love and best wishes given by so many special people. Today you say goodbye to your dummy, or dum dum as you prefer to call it. The last standing vestige of babyhood.

We had spoken about this at length ahead of today and the agreement was made that at four you become a big boy, and big boys don’t have dummies. So, this morning you took your dummy and through it in the dustbin ‘all by yourself’. How proud we are of you. How long it lasts who knows but tonight will be the big test!

Who you are today
In building up your memory bank, I asked you some questions yesterday that we will repeat every year to see how you change and grow. They went something like this:
What’s your name? Oliver Stuart Goodwin
Your age: 3
What’s Mommy’s name: Aunty Penny
What’s Daddy’s name: David
Favourite colour: Blue
Best friend: Rosco and Zak
Who’s your teacher: Teacher Leigh
Favourite thing to do: Cut the grass (thoughtful pause) with scissors
Favourite food: Chippies
Food you don’t like: Meat (strange as you are a complete carnivore)
Favourite song: Kaptein (thanks to Aunty Kris’s wedding CD)
Favourite story: Winnie the Pooh at the Dr
Favourite toy: Blocks and Lego
What do you want to be when you grow up? 4 and a dinosaur to scare Teacher Leigh

We so look forward to learning and growing with you over the next 12 months but part of me just wishes you would slow down as it is all going by too quickly. Each day we spend together is a precious gift and Dad and I look forward to spending tens of thousands more with you.

A very happy 4th birthday my sweet special boy.

I love you

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