The year you were 3

As we countdown to your fourth birthday on 9 December I wanted to capture some of what you have achieved in just a short twelve months! What a year it has been for us, you have literally grown up right before our eyes. Gone is the baby boy we had and in his place is a mini-kid or big boy as you like to call yourself.

Oliver ready to ride Frank in Dullstroom
Getting ready to ride Frank in Dullstroom

This year has seen so many changes for you which in turn has meant lots of changes for us. Over the last eleven plus months you have:

  •  Dropped your afternoon sleep which means you are up and at them from anytime between 05h00 and 06h00 till around 19h00 keeping Dad and I busy on weekends!
  • Got rid of nappies for good. Hip hip hooray! There were some touch and go moments with your forays into the garden. All that remains is your unique style when doing a number 2, you can only go completely naked.
  • Started dressing yourself. You are still mastering the art and you get frustrated but you are slowly but surely getting there.
  • Gotten so much more comfortable in your body. You started doing Soccer Starz and Funball as ‘extra murals’ and your confidence in your physical abilities has come on in leaps and bounds. You have become the proud owner of a driver, hockey stick and tennis racket and although you draw right-handed you continue to play all your sport as a ‘lefty’. Quirky trait. You also love your ‘monkey tree’ in our garden which you spend hours playing in and use as your refuge.
  • Started ‘swimming’ and by this I mean being able to keep yourself above water without any aid. You were doing great by end of March season, have lapsed a little but are slowly but surely making a comeback. This is all thanks to your Gagga and Aunty Kristy who give you swimming lessons.
  • Grown more inquisitive and knowledgeable by the day. A well used word in your ever growing vocabulary is ‘why’ which I have to admit to not being able to answer every time. You literally leave us agape at what you take in and remember. You are a veritable sponge for information.
  • Begun making real friends. Rosco and Zak are your best friends and your cohorts when it comes to getting up to mischief at school, talking about poo-poo and generally just being boys.
  • Become attached to boy toys. A few of your favourite things right now are Lego, all your construction goodies, your fire engine and your cars.
  • Mastered the Ipad. You absolutely love the interactive books and games and are a complete junkie which has lead to one or two disputes between you and I!

This was a year of so many first experiences for you too. Zip lining, hot air ballooning, a trip to Dullstroom with Aunty Vicki and Uncle Gavin where you learnt to fish and went for horserides on Frank, funfair rides at Gold Reef City, ring bearer at Aunty Kris’ wedding, ten pin bowling, exploring at Sci-Bono, taking in the view from Carlton Centre, riding on the Gautrain, hiking in the Kamberg. And so much more…

Oliver giving ziplining a thumbs up - all sharp sharp
Zipline at Sparkling Waters – brave boy!

So, we now formally wave goodbye to the toddler years remembering just how much fun (and hard work) they have been and look forward to what the next year will hold with a four year old in the house. There are so many firsts that are still to come for you which we cant wait to share together!

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