Why I love you

Dear Oliver

I know that it seems that I say no to you a lot. Trust me its not easy, in fact I sometimes feel like all I ever say is no and as much as you hate it, I hate it just as much. I want, and wish, that our time together could abe idyllic like those family movies where the kids are always happy, polite, sleeping, eating, playing what their folks want to play – honestly who are they kidding? Those are the real fairy tale movies that sucker would be parents in with their perfect family moments. But I digress.

Yes we do have some stolen precious moments that are not scripted or happen at special occasions like Christmas or birthdays (don’t get me started). It is these moments that keep me sane, appreciative of what I have and hopelessly, totally in love with you!

on the top of the koppie in the Midlands
Mom and Oliver on the ‘koppie’ in the Midlands

As you grow a little older and wiser you are learning more and more about emotions, how to express yourself and let’s be honest just how to twist those who love you around your gorgeous little finger! You are an individual who does things at your pace and on your terms which I both respect and pull my hair out at. But you are also a loving, tender, caring and empathetic little boy.

A few of the things you do that make me love you more and more each day:

  • how you wake up talking and just don’t stop for the rest of the day
  • “but I am SO sorry Mom I will never do it again” said with such passion and sincerity usual after you have done the same thing for the umpteenth time like throwing stones, not listening, hiding when I call you
  • stroking my cheek then cupping my face and saying “I love you Mom” gets me every time
  • your ever growing imagination which has me in stitches especially when you try to explain every day things around us like cracks in the road which you describe as the earth cracking up with magma gloop about to come out because of the volcano
  • snuggling your little bum tight into me when we spoon as if trying to get into my skin
  • coming up to Dad and I and saying “time for a family hug”
  • your absolute thirst for knowledge on how things work, how they’re are made and just why they do what they do
  • your slight obsession with all things building related. The fact that you can name and tell the difference between excavators, forklifts, steamrollers, diggers etc astounds me and has had resulted in me knowing more about construction than I ever thought I would
  • your love for music, singing and dancing which is something you and I share. My only concern is that your dance moves look a lot like Grandad’s which are a little dodgy

Most of all I just love who you are right now and who you are growing up to be. My amazing little man who keeps me on my toes, completely entertained, grounded and most of all being the most important thing I have ever been in my life, your Mom.

Love you up to the moon and back again monkey xxx


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