Where did September go?

Wow. It is already the 4th of October and as my boss pointed out to me today only 11 weeks left of the year…

I have been particularly bad at posting over the last few weeks but oh my word what a month September was. You see we had a small family event taking place, Kristy’s wedding. As the ‘Maid of Honour’ and unofficially appointed wedding co-ordinator I had my hands full. Added to this is the fact that Kris is not really known for her organizational abilities – her love for animals, adrenalin junkie, infectious laugh, tenacious spirit and loyalty yes, but organization no.

Also, Gagga went off on a cruise from Barcelona to Rome to celebrate her friend Kathy’s 50th returning just 10 days before the wedding. Spending my hard earned inheritance again 🙂 So, we had to push out the hens party and some other last minute arrangements – like getting Gagga an outfit – to the week before the wedding.

We also had another very special event the weekend before the wedding a visit from my closest childhood friend Cindy, her wonderful husband and three kids all the way from their farm in Henty, Australia (population 863). It was great to spend time with them, albeit too short and to gain a different perspective of how family life can be lived. Have to admit to being a little envious, particularly when it comes to things like safety and security.

The amazing thing about reconnecting with old friends is just how easy it is to pick up where you left off, even if you have added a little someone extra to your family. The many hours, days, weeks etc we spent sitting on ‘the wall’ that divided our properties talking through everything, dissecting every word or action from our current boy crush, moaning about our parents, dreaming about our futures, bemoaning our curly hair – all the things teenage girls care about, cemented a bond that transcends both distance and time.

How strange to, to see Cindy’s daughters, the age we were when we first met. Completely surreal but also not. Amazing how growing up and getting older creeps up on you when you are not looking and how you just don’t feel any different. In so many ways I am still that young teenage girl sitting on a wall sharing confidences with her friend.

I hope that Oliver too will grow up to have a friend like Cindy is too me and Dwayne is to Dave one day.

But back to our busy September. I am delighted to say that putting aside the stress and running around everything went spectacularly well and the last two weeks of September were an incredibly special time for the whole family. But more on the wedding to follow in a dedicated post or two as it is not every day that your baby sister gets married!

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