The day you were born

Tuesday, 9 December 2008
Excerpt from the journal written by Dave(Dad)

Junior, you should know that your mother threw five double sixes in only two games of backgammon in the morning of your birth day. So, this a very lucky day (although the Chinese prefer the number eight. In fact, for us, 9 is a better number: 9 holes of golf, cats have 9 lives…and so on.

Last photo of you in Moms tummy

Your pulse is racing at 175-190 beats per minute. We think it’s because you are excited to see us. The iPod just played ‘Revolution’ bt Tracey Chapman – “run, run, run,run…” which you are doing – and the revolution what you are to us.

Dr Naylor broke Mom’s water – we are expecting some more intense contractions in next hour. Mom doing very well so far.

We got the epidural so Mom can relax a little. Expecting you in the mid-afternoon. I wonder what you are? Oliver Stuart? Bianca Mae? Oliver’s are kind of sporty, sociable, smart. Biancas are lovely, warm, determined.

Finally some action! From nowhere you decide to make a move. Must be your Father’s child.

Shew! Tough time. You were ready to arrive at 16h00 but Dr Naylor was in surgery so had to stall you…You decided to enter the world with your hand over your eye, or scratching your head, which meant you couldn’t come out without some help. Dr had to use forceps and cut your Mom to make room for your tiny, gorgeous hand. You were blue as a Smurf, and without doubt the most beautiful and wonderful thing we have ever seen. At one point in labour Sister Bets was sure we would have to Caesar but fortunately this wasn’t necessary.

Mom, Dad and Oliver together for the first time
Our first family photo

You had to be taken to neo natal ICU because you were grunting as though you were struggling to breathe. An x-ray confirmed you had fluid on your lungs so Dr Richards booked you in. Mom was naturally very sad about this but we were both booked in when we were born too, we had jaundice.
Before you were taken away though, we invited your ‘extended’ family into the delivery room and introduced you as Oliver Stuart. So named because we both liked Oliver and Stuart is your Gagga’s maiden name. She was very touched by this and will hopefully always spoil you as a result!
Oliver apparently means ‘elf army’but to us it will simply mean the best Christmas present we will ever get!

We spent an hour or so with you as you battled the fluid and cried quite a lot. Mom just wanted to hold and comfort you and she did for a while which meant the world to her. For our first night as a family you slept in the ICU, Mom downstairs in maternity room 7 and me at home. I don’t think any of us slept well.

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