Keeping our sense of humour

To my dearest Oliver

Reading this blog you will know that we have loads of fun times and great adventures. We are a family that spend a lot of quality time together and Daddy and I put you first at least 90% of the time. So yes you are lucky but so are we as we get so much in return from you. The hugs, kisses, “I love you Mom” and “you’re still my friend” do help keep us sane and save us from throwing ourselves under a passing car when it all gets too much.

Mom, Dad and Oliver on way back from ziplining adventure
On one of our adventures – ziplining!

You see, you are a toddler, and are learning to find your balance and rhythm in life. We understand as even though we are ‘adults,’ we too are constantly striving to find that balance. Added to the toddler bit is that you are a short few months away from turning four and as your Aunty Bon  and other Moms have told me, it’s not the ‘terrible twos’ we have to worry about but rather the ‘f***g fours’.

So, we have been warned but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

Over the last two months or so we have watched you literally grow up in front of our eyes. From the little boy who called us Mommy and Daddy to now Mom and Dad, using the word ‘never’ as in Oliver please can you go get in the bath? NEVER, pushing the boundaries constantly but moving  from asking for ‘just one more minute’ to now five or even 36.2 minutes (whatever that means) and literally throwing your toys.

There are also the constant highs and lows. You can go from laughing your head off to screaming blue murder in a few seconds flat just because something didn’t work the way you wanted it to or simply because we said no.

A prime example of this is watering the garden, something I dread as there is an established pattern, and its not a good one. Things start off so well with you helping Dad water the seedlings and other parts of the garden. You take turns, you water nicely and have chats. Then things start to go pear shaped. Your patience wears thin, your turns get longer, the chatting turns to shouting, Daddy gets frustrated and irritated and eventually is all ends in tears and a mini-meltdown.

I know that these times are trying and there are moments when I refer to you affectionately as ‘Lucifer’ (few and far between) but I also know that with your spirit, tenacity, loving nature, thirst for knowledge and sense of humour you will go so far and I look forward to watching you grow and find your own path along the way.

You are the greatest adventure Daddy and I have ever embarked on!

Lots of love, always

Mommy Mom

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