Bath time – a family affair!

Bath time has always been a special time for us. Pre Oliver days Dave and I would wallow with wine in hand discussing the day gone by and those ahead. Many lofty plans and ideals were debated upon and some even followed through!

With Oliver’s arrival those relaxing baths soon became a distant memory. Quick showers where possible became the norm for the first few months. But as soon as we were able to migrate our little man from bathing in the basin to to his seat in the big bath a new tradition started with Dave and I taking turns to bath with Oliver.


As working parents these became precious moments for us and the process of sharing the day that was, learning new things and sharing loads of laughs in the bath began.

In the early days I think that Dave and I got a lot more out of the experience than Oliver did. We loved this precious time together and I think maybe, if truth be told, we just may have inculcated his obsession with water.

Give Oliver a hosepipe, sprinkler, watering can, cup, bucket or even a sink full of dirty dishes add water to the equation and he  will be yours!  But I digress. That is another blog post all together.

Over the years, our bath time experiences have changed. Gone are the days of reading bath books and gentle soft toys. We now have a plastic crocodile (Dad or Mom) and snake (Oliver) who play out various scenarios in the bath all orchestrated by Oliver.

Some of the regular plots include escape from a burst dam wall, survival in a broken underground water pipe, rescue attempts at the scene of a fire and of course either snake or crocodile dying or being eaten.

What amazes me is the level of detail at which these stories are told and the clear cut roles that we have to play. There is of course much crying and gnashing of teeth if Dave or I don’t follow instructions to the tee! Not sure where Oliver gets this bossy side from?


The many bath toys we have acquired over the years remain largely unused as a cup, plastic bottle or even Mom’s measuring cups are the key ingredients to a fun bath. Of course added to this is the water which inevitably lands up on the floor or windows. This is never caused by Oliver but according to him is “from the splashes Mom” – more like tidal waves!

So looking back over the years, I realise just how much our little boy has grown up in the bath and the learning that has taken place for all of us.

I look forward to this continuing and dread the day that he no longer wants to share a bath with us or allows me to take him out with his ‘toasty towel’ and cuddle him.



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