City of sun and snow

It has been far too long since my last post but it has been an incredibly busy last few weeks. We have packed in a trip up a hot air balloon, ten pin bowling, term end, two 40th celebrations Sammy Jane and Bonnies birthdays, a couple of shows and not one but two fabulous trips away! I am not going to be able to go through all that we have done in one post but promise to catch up with updates on all over the week.

We returned today from our long weekend away at Sun City where we went up to join Dave who was there on the annual schools golf tournament. This is an incredible opportunity for school boys from 35 schools from all over SA to compete over four days playing both the Lost City and Gary Player courses. The coaches also got to play both courses so it wasn’t all work and no play!

I don’t normally talk about weather but oh my word there was snow at Sun City on Tuesday when Dave and the boys arrived. So bizarre when you consider that Saturday saw Oliver and I lying on the ‘beach’ at the Valley of the Waves in 27 degrees. The water was still absolutely freezing but that didn’t stop Oliver running in to catch the waves. Of course that meant Mom got to ‘enjoy’ the water too.

Oliver running through the waves
Running through the waves

With Dave tied up with golf Oliver and I got to spend loads of quality time together enjoying the diverse offerings the resort has on offer. These included trips on the bus which Oliver loves, racing lions at the Entertainment Centre along with driving cars at the games, taking in Dave’s back nine at the Lost City, playing chess with the giant pieces, riding the train but mostly walking. Oh and did I mention walking and just a little bit more walking.

Oliver chilling on the beach
Oliver ‘chillaxing’ on the beach


We also got to interact with wildlife being chased by a group of warthogs and seeing three massive crocodiles at the Lost City Golf Course, as well as having some cheeky monkeys and pesky birds try to steal our food. A very indignant Oliver chased them away.

After one disastrous experience with a babysitter, the less said the better, I spent the nights in with Oliver which if I have to be honest suited me just fine as I was exhausted by the end of each day. We did luckily have two evenings where we were hosted by the boys parents which Oliver came along to so I did get some adult time.

Oliver riding on the back of the golf cart with Dad
On the back of the golf cart with Dad

It was so wonderful to see how dedicated the parents were. Each of the four boys had at least one parent there to support them. And support them they did as in moots cases they walked every one of the four rounds which averaged six hours a day. I hope to be as selfless with Oliver one day and to share the special bond that was so evident between the Moms and their boys.

A special trip and although we didn’t get much family together time in, Oliver and I got to spend loads of quality time something that him and Dave will be able to do a lot of over the month long holiday!

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