Double trouble at Dikhololo

We took to the roads this past weekend for some much needed time out from the buzz of Jo’burg. However, leaving Jo’burg on a Friday afternoon is never and easy ask so the trip was off to a rocky start with traffic and confusion on which way to go. After a few wrong turns, some under breath mumbling by both myself and Dave, and over two hours in the car we finally reached our destination, Dikhololo Game Reserve.

Luckily though the trip was saved by the fact that the two boys, Oliver and Nathan were absolute stars, watching DVDs with head phones on 80% of the way – for those of you still wondering about the merits of screens for the car wonder no more these are a must for the sanity of all concerned! The drive through the mountains and over rivers  once again reminded me of just how lucky we are to live in a place where open areas and natural beauty are just a hop, skip and a jump from the city!

But back to Dikhololo. What a fantastic place for families, for those who still remember think back to those resorts of yesteryear like Aventura. It has tennis courts, loads of swimming pools including a heated one, super tube, putt putt, jungle gyms, bush walks and so much more.

With boys being boys, our weekend consisted of Nathan and Oliver riding their bikes all over the resort, chasing the guinea fowls, climbing up the koppies to the various look out points, building rock houses and generally just having great fun outdoors.

Mom, Oliver and Nathan sitting on top of the koppie
Mom, Oliver and Nathan on top of the koppie

Holidays at this stage of our lives are about giving Oliver the opportunity to learn andexplore different environments and this one did just that. There were only bucks, giraffes and other small herbivores in the reserve so we got to walk through the bush showing the boys what they eat where they live and of course talking about their pooh! We also walked to a watering hole and investigated all the prints, of course Oliver had to know which print belonged to who – some serious creativity on my side to explain each one!

Oliver and Nathan with the rock tower they built
Oliver and Nathan with their rock tower

So another experience notched up by the Goodwin family plus our honorary extra for the weekend who we love dearly and look forward to having many more with.

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