A tale of Boris and Cedric

Both Dave and Oliver have been on mid-term break or the last week and have managed to get in some special Daddy/Oliver time while Mom has been hard at work! What I love about the time that the boys get to spend together is that they get up to such different stuff than what Oliver and I would do and that is great.

This week was no exception…

Knowing that it was going to be a tough week without the distraction and entertainment of school, and given the beautiful balmy weather we have been experiencing, Dave decided to pitch his two man tent to add some adventure to the garden.

Over the week the tent has experienced lots of action including picnics, story time, baths & showers, TV watching, cooking of roasted peacock, sleeping (for about 2 minutes) and loads more imaginative activities dreamed up by Boris aka Oliver and Cedric aka Dave.

These two characters have become embedded in our household and completely appeal to Oliver’s sense of fun and escapism.

Although I have not been christened with a stylish pseudonym like Boris and Cedric I did manage to spend some quality time in the inner sanctum where Boris cooked me roasted peacock and chips; ran me a bubble bath and let me watch a show not bad for ‘just Mommy’.

As much as Cedric and I have spent special times with Boris in the tent over the week, our most precious memory was made late on Saturday afternoon when all three of us were in the tent together. We had spent some time pootling around when Boris declared it was time for a family nap. He proceeded to lie down between Dave and I, put his arms out and said come on guys time to doodoos. As we lay down he wrapped his little arms around each of us, pulled us in tight, closed his eyes and with an angelic smile said goodnight guys.

What a magical but bittersweet moment as gone is our baby replaced by this gorgeous little guy who grows a whole lot wiser every day!

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