Hip hip hooray David

Yesterday was my gorgeous husband and Oliver’s Daddy’s 38th birthday. My word where on earth has time gone? I honestly can’t believe that we’re almost, dare I say it, 40! It’s not possible I am far too young for this to be happening…

40 is an age that is associated with ‘old people’ unfortunately though with my brother-in-law Mikes 40th a few weeks away and Sam Kaufmanns at the end of the month we are firmly in the 40 set! Young people, yes those of you in your earlier twenties, beware as it happens far too quickly! Luckily though Dave and I have another two years to get used to the idea and maybe grow up?

But back to the celebrations of today which started early as all special occasions do when you have a toddler in the house. The first round of present opening took place at 06h30 with Happy Birthday sung by Oliver and I with Oliver shouting out ‘hooray David’ after the hip hip.

It was off to work for me with the two boys in bed with coffee and milo as they are both on midterm break – as you can imagine I’m loving that NOT! Unfortunately though Dave had four hours of marking to tackle so not a full day off.

The afternoon saw the second round of presents with the piece de resistance being my gift of a weekend away for just Mom and Dad to Victoria Falls woohoo! Long wait till October though but going to be amazing.

Then it was off to Granny Lyn and Grandpa for a family dinner with a pre-ordered menu from the birthday boy and the third present instalment for a very spoilt Dave.

What a fabulous evening filled with great company (we missed you Bonnie & Ash), lots of laughs, the pre-requisite stories of what we did when we were young, delicious food, champagne and red wine.

All in all a good day for the Goodwin family!

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