Our first school report

On Friday we received our first of what will be many school reports to come. A watershed moment as we make the transition from parents of a baby boy to those of a growing kid.

What an incredible moment though to read for the first time what someone else thinks of your precious child, as not only is it a report on them but let’s be honest, at this time of their lives rather of you and your parenting abilities.

We are also not precious parents and know that Oliver is determined, has his own opinions and can push the boundaries to see just how far he can go! not sure where he gets any of those traits from 🙂

So, with some trepidation I opened the report and was completely blown away by the insights and just how well Teacher Leigh knows our little boy. All the special ‘Oliverism’s’ were included as well as personality traits and his quirky mannerisms.


Some memorable quotes include:
“Oliver is an inquisitive and endearing child who is always on the go and is interested in how everything around him works.”
“He needs to understand something fully and will continue to ask questions until he is satisfied with the answer given, when he will give his trademark ‘okay’ and wander off.”
“Oliver loves to dance and move to music and he is always one of the first on his feet when music is played, participating enthusiastically in action songs.”
“He spends a lot of time in the sandpit and the tunnels as well as sweeping the school clean!”
“Oliver is extremely interested in what is happening around him particularly when he hears things like the lawn mower and hammering. When hearing such things he asks to ‘just quickly’ see what’s going on!”

We count ourselves extremely lucky to be able to send Oliver to such an incredible school and doubly blessed to have Leigh as his teacher. A wonderfully natural, open and engaging teacher who has such a special relationship with each of the kids in her class and is straight with us parents who I think can be worse than the kids!

Not too bad first report. We are obviously doing something right or Oliver is just teaching us well 🙂

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