The best Fathers Day gift!

What a wonderful Fathers Day we had today. Oliver and I started the morning bright and early, yes even before the sun was up, while Dad got the opportunity to have coffee in bed and lie in until after 8, and got spoilt with awesome gifts! Then we were off to meet the other Goodwins for a brunch at Mugg & Bean in Broadacres, a great venue offering good food and a fabulous play area with a small petting zoo.

We had a great morning together with Grandpa, Granny Lyn, Mike, Bonnie and girls. Talk at the table ranging from anaylsis of the Springbok game, kids stuff, work and all the rest.

Oliver and Dad on Fathers Day
Oliver and Dad on Fathers Day

Whilst there we bumped into old friends,Sandy and Keith and their two girls and ended up staying for lunch, well for Oliver anyway.

Broadacres has a special appeal for Dave and I as we got married at Buitengeluk which is situated in the gardens there. We took Oliver along to see the place we got married at which he found so interesting and led to discussions of who he was going to marry one day “when I’m big like you guys”. The list was hysterical ranging from his cousins to his Granny and eventually after explanations of how you can’t marry family members ending with his close friend Caitlin.

At home Dave and Oliver spent quality time doing boys stuff – chopping wood for the fire, riding bikes on the drive way, fixing imaginary generators and of course the afternoon nap!

Our day got better though becuase just before bedtime Oliver did his first poo in his toilet! Woo hoo! Finally, after doing it at school and Gagga’s house he has done one at home! Best Fathers Day gift ever!

But wait there’s more…

Walking into our bedroom tonight we found our special little boy cuddled up in our bed with the bedside lamp on. This after we left him tucked safe and sound in his bed. Lying on the pillow next to him was Dave’s Fathers Day card. Just too adorable! This was a first for him and I think an opportunity to make ‘Daddy’s Day’ last just a little longer.

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