Bokkie power

With Springbok mania gripping the country, I decided the time was right to introduce Oliver to the men behind the game that I am so passionate about. I heard that the Springboks were having an open training session at St Stithians, the school Dave teaches at and decided to take him along to see the Bokkies in action.

Our close friends the Kaufies have two boys who, through their Dad’s interest and growing involvement in the game (he is working towards becoming a provincial referee), are becoming certified rugby nuts. So, I let them know and arranged to meet them there.

A busy morning at work, followed by the mad rush that is the school run and then home to get all decked out in our Bokkie gear. There was much excitement and discussion around seeing ‘the men on the TV’. All efforts to teach Oliver the captains name and details of how the game is played were met with “But Mom are we going to see the animals?”.

It was incredible to arrive at Sts and see boys and girls of all sizes there to support the team, get autographs or just ogle the players – Patrick Lambie was a firm favourite with the girls! Also wonderful for the Kaufie boys and Oliver to get so close to the players.

The little guys in front of the Springbok bus
Oliver, Luke and Tyron in front of THE bus

I wish that I could report that we spent hours on the side of the field watching the Springboks going through their paces but the truth is I think we had about 15 minutes tops. Of more interest to our little guys were the massive Springbok bus, scrumming machines, TV cameras and running wild on the rugby field.

Boys hard at work on the scrumming machine
Scrumming is hard work!

So, maybe Oliver is still a little too young to appreciate live rugby but maybe when we sit down to watch the Springboks in action against England in the 2nd test on Saturday he will feel a little closer to the game and ultimately become a couch rugby enthusiast like his Mom!

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