Affordable family fun

With winter setting in this weekend, Sunday loomed ahead with not many solutions on how to keep an active three year old busy indoors for the day! Having read about, and heard from friends about Sci-Bono in Newtown, we decided to give it a go.

Not only was this to be our first trip to Sci-Bono but also

Oliver’s first journey to downtown Jo’burg and viewing of a city.

What an incredible day it turned out to be. Sci-Bono is an absolute must for kids of all ages. The range of activities is amazing. The biggest hit of all was the fully decked out construction site where Oliver reported to the site office for the required hard hat and neon bib, from there, he got to play with the foam bricks and cement using wheelbarrows, conveyor belts, cranes, earth moving equipment etc. The site was a hive of activity with kids of ages hard at work constructing the house in the frame provided.

Oliver in construction gear
Oliver ready to tackle the construction site

Across the three floors every imaginable science activity is available all linked to cause and effect which is right up Oliver’s alley. Oliver flew a plane in the flight simulator, drove a BMW, played virtual soccer, did tens of experiments, played music, flew a hot air balloon, learnt about white light and so much more.

We were so impressed not only by what was there, but the friendliness and knowledge of the staff and the price! Only R20 an adult and R10 a child and we spent over four hours there…cheapest outing ever!

The three of us had a ball and learnt a lot 🙂 I would highly recommend a visit for all who haven’t been. Another bonus is great cappuccinos and lattes! But do take along some healthy snacks as only vending machine food available.

We decided that while we were downtown we would go up Carlton tower (the highest building in Jo’burg) something I haven’t done since I was a kid. For Dave it has special memories as his Mom (Granny Lyn) used to work on the 47th floor. Wow so incredible but a little scary to see the city from so high up. You can see as far as Soccer City and so cool to view Ellis Park fom a birds eye view.

Dad and Oliver at the top of Carlton Centre
Dad and Oliver at the top of Carlton Centre

So, if you feel like getting out there and doing something a little off the beaten track definitely make a trip downtown – we will certainly be back!

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