Family fortunes

We are so blessed to have both mine and David’s family living near by, including our folks, siblings, nieces and nephews. Only when you have a child does this ‘gift’ become apparent because a gift is exactly what it is!

Oliver is lucky to be able to spend quality time with his Granny Lyn, Gagga and Grandpas weekly, as well as grow up with his four cousins as good friends. Important as for now he is an only child – the jury is still out on that one.

For Dave and I we have the luxury, flexibility and peace of mind of being able to have support in lifting to and from school and the odd night off every now and then which, as all parents know, is an absolute must!

Reflecting on the weekend that was, I saw just how this was all brought to home for us

Saturday morning saw Dave at a school function (he’s a teacher) and Oliver and I having breakfast with Gagga, Grandpa, Uncle Ryan, Nathan (4) and Gemma (2). Lots running, laughter and of course the inevitable favourite talk topic of all toddlers – pooh pooh!

Then we dropped Oliver off at Granny Lyn to stay the night as part of my Mothers Day gift were tickets to the stage production of Phantom of the Opera. The show was absolutely brilliant, SA cast were world class, set design fantastic but most importantly of all so nice to have some adult time!

We spent Sunday morning with Dave’s family at an impromptu flapjack breakfast (thanks Mike and Bonnie) and then ambled down en masse to the Arts in the Park at Lonehill Park which is also home to Oliver’s favourite playground housing a long tunnel slide.

In a world where so many families are scattered across the globe and have Skype relationships with one another, we are so very lucky to have an extended family that not only are geographically close but actually want to spend time together! Can’t put a price on that.

Goodwin and Helmand cousins
Oliver with his cousins from both sides

I count myself incredibly lucky to not only be able to share these special relationships across our families but also to have a wide and caring family circle for my little boy whom he can learn so much from!

2 thoughts on “Family fortunes

  1. And how lucky are the grannies and grandpas to have their precious grand kids close by!
    Need to talk abou the jury is still out…….comment!!!

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