Tantrums, tears, timeouts and tenderness

I have the luxury of a flexi time arrangement at work which gives me three afternoons a week to spend with Oliver – precious time that I am so thankful and grateful for. Afternoons which allow me to be a little silly, get creative and most importantly of all to spend quality time outside of the ‘suicide hour’ or more realistically hours!

Today was a full work day for me and boy oh boy did I get my timing wrong. Driving into the gate I was met by my gorgeous boy on his bike on the driveway. Rolling down the window I expected a cheerful greeting or smile but alas this was not to be. Rather I was told, as only a three and a half year old can do, that today he was not saying hello! Followed by tears and dramatic antics when I headed towards the garage and he ended up ‘driving’ on my lap still without any acknowledgement.

Fast forward to bath and supper time and the melt down continued inevitably winding up with Oliver on the time out chair and Mom questioning her abilities and sanity!

Finally the calmness came and after sorry’s for ‘shouting and crying’ kisses and hugs the question is posed ‘Mom are you happy?’. All of a sudden the angst and tension of moments ago are gone and replaced by such love and tenderness that it all feels just a little surreal.

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