What’s in a pot?

Be warned all you squeamish readers this is a ‘toilet’ related post – parents only!

Success! After months of cajoling, bribery, begging and pleading today marks the first ever pooh in the potty. Hooray!

We have had fits and starts along the way. With Oliver having given up night time nappies more than six months ago by choice, we thought the next step would be just as easy but alas it has not been so.

The last few months have comprised of Oliver running up and saying Mom I need a nappy for a pooh. Said nappy being put on for all of five minutes and then the messy job of changing. Not something any parent looks forward to.

Over the last three weeks things changed…it seemed we had inadvertently swapped our son for a puppy. Every day has seen an excited Oliver running into the house bare bummed announcing he had made a poo-poo. As you can imagine the first time this happened I was caught some what off guard and went on a hunting expedition which turned up the parcel hidden behind a bush in the flower bed.

After getting over my initial shock I phoned my Mom (Oliver’s Gagga) who is a Grade 0 teacher to see whether we needed to seek professional help. Thankfully she put my fears aside confirming that this was perfectly natural.

Really? Why is this not the stuff books reference when talking parenting tips? Like Tip #1092 When trying to potty train your child it is perfectly normal for he/she to revert to dog-like behaviour and use the garden for their ablutions. Oh and yes they will marked out the prime hidden position for this so not to worry not too much hunting involved.

As much as this is deemed ‘normal’ along with all other weird and quirky things you get to do on the journey of parenthood. Like sucking out snot. Hopefully we have moved through this phase and are headed in the right direction with the potty finally being used. Unfortunately though we have not yet progressed to this happening in the house per se as the potty has to be put in the garage? But we move along at toddler steps and await with bated breath the day of the first big flush!

Tantrums, tears, timeouts and tenderness

I have the luxury of a flexi time arrangement at work which gives me three afternoons a week to spend with Oliver – precious time that I am so thankful and grateful for. Afternoons which allow me to be a little silly, get creative and most importantly of all to spend quality time outside of the ‘suicide hour’ or more realistically hours!

Today was a full work day for me and boy oh boy did I get my timing wrong. Driving into the gate I was met by my gorgeous boy on his bike on the driveway. Rolling down the window I expected a cheerful greeting or smile but alas this was not to be. Rather I was told, as only a three and a half year old can do, that today he was not saying hello! Followed by tears and dramatic antics when I headed towards the garage and he ended up ‘driving’ on my lap still without any acknowledgement.

Fast forward to bath and supper time and the melt down continued inevitably winding up with Oliver on the time out chair and Mom questioning her abilities and sanity!

Finally the calmness came and after sorry’s for ‘shouting and crying’ kisses and hugs the question is posed ‘Mom are you happy?’. All of a sudden the angst and tension of moments ago are gone and replaced by such love and tenderness that it all feels just a little surreal.

Getting started

Hi all

After months, or rather if I was completely honest years of procrastination, I have finally got to the point of creating a blog. The blogger training I attended today might just have been the push I needed….

So, why a blog? Well, as a veteran in the communications industry and with my growing and much needed, interest in the social media space, I am intrigued by the opportunities blogging presents. Ultimately I would like to create an online diary of the life and times of the Goodwin and related family households for the junior members to reflect on and probably laugh at one day!

Enjoy reading family and friends both near and far and please forgive any unintentional barbs!